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D.V. Wolfe: Our Authors

D.V. Wolfe

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D.V. Wolfe is a Kansas farm kid, transplanted to Oregon. She is unapologetically warped, irreverent and incorrigible. Oh, and she likes to write. Wolfe writes urban fantasy with a side of snark, building epic worlds for her readers to escape into full of monsters, gods, and puny humans trying to make sense of it all. If you like Supernatural, Buffy, Sabrina, or Dresden Files, you'll feel right at home in Wolfe's expansive Midnight Rider Universe.  

Midnight Rider Series

Midnight Rider is your ticket to ride shotgun in a horror comedy monster hunt spanning thirteen heart-stopping, hilarious books.

Always read the fine print. Especially when you’re making a deal with the devil.

Because demons are sneaky bastards.

That’s how they got me. Well, and the rest of my hometown. A few hours of what I asked for and then we were all dragged to Hell. Luckily, those jokes about lawyers and Hell are pretty accurate. After a lengthy court case downstairs, I’ve been released on Hell’s very first work-release program with a time limit and a quota. All I have to do is hunt down and kill the things that go bump in the night like; Rawheads, poltergeists, bunyips, dab tsogs, and harvest gods. If I kill enough to meet my quota, the souls of the other townsfolk are set free. If I don’t, we all stay downstairs...permanently. So, no pressure or anything.

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